The Mixmaster's Horror Movie Countdown, October 31: Pumpkinhead

We've done it. A complete 31 fun-filled days of Horror. Some have made us laugh. Some cry. And when we're talking about this genre, those two reactions usually carry completely different connotations!

We appropriately kicked this thing off with John Carpenter's Halloween and Nick, Merritt, and I attempted to take you all over the genre, including everything from Slashers, Zombies, Ghosts, Monsters, Demons, Creepy Kids, Sharks, Asian Horror, Found Footage, Horror Dramas, Horror Comedies, Horror Sci-Fi, Foreign, Domestic, Classic, Instant Classic, Award Winners, B-movies, Indies, old school, new school, and everything in between. Bringing us to where we are today, October 31st. Halloween. And we end it with ... Pumpkinhead.

Yeah, that's right, I said Pumpkinhead!

Not exactly what you'd expect but, upon further examination, it's all too fitting. This 1988 B-level cult classic, starring genre icon Lance Henriksen as a man who conjures up a giant pumpkin patch-birthed demon in order to seek vengeance on the teens that murdered his son (inspired by an original poem by Ed Justin), is special to many for as many reasons. The first of which being that it's the feature-film debut from by Horror/Sci-Fi effects legend Stan Winston (Winston has, in fact, only directed one other full-length feature outside of Pumpkinhead, entitled A Gnome Named Gnorm starring Anthony Michael Hall. So bad it's scary). Without the magic of the wizard Winston, many if not most of our previous 30 films would not have been the films they were as you know them, whether due to his actual work or influence.

So, if you've never seen this masterpiece of the macabre or maybe you have and it happens to be one of your faves (as it is mine), you're in luck! You have a chance to see it in spooky style.

The Mixmaster and I Heart Cinema are throwing a Monster Mash Pumpkin Bash Halloween Party at the Texas Theatre tonight, featuring a 35mm print screening of the film, paired with Halloween & Trick 'r Treat in the lobby along with a bunch of other ticks, treats, eats, drinks specials, giveaways and more.

It's going to be so much fun it's scary!

Most Memorable Scene:

"Its dead..." Famous last words! For me personally, this scene absolutely shows the brilliance of Winston's FX artistry. Plus, it's totally rad to see Pumpkinhead use a gun as a stabbing utensil.

As there are only 31 days in October and we couldn't even begin to tap the vastness and greatness of the genre, there are obviously plenty of our favorites that didn't make the list (for this year at least). So, if you didn't see one of your favorite Horror flicks on our list, let us know what it is in the comments below why you love it so!

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