Your Real Housewives of Dallas Update: They Are Filming, and They're in People Magazine Makeup-Free

Your Real Housewives of Dallas Update: They Are Filming, and They're in People Magazine Makeup-Free
Nick Hance

Consider this your annual Real Housewives of Dallas update.

At least three of the Housewives have been spotted filming a new season of the show. Observer reader Nick Hance saw Stephanie Hollman, LeeAnne Locken and Kameron Westcott with a film crew at Lark on the Park.

Hollman and Locken together? What could it mean? Are they friends? Where was Brandi Redmond? So much to know!

All six women appeared as part of People's Beautiful Issue, in which the magazine published selfies from the The Real Housewives of Dallas cast — without makeup.

It's shocking. It's amazing. It's simple.

People asked the cast of every Real Housewives franchise to provide makeup-free selfies, and Dallas cast members had theirs published first.

Lucky us!

"Today we’re kicking off the reveal with the ladies from Dallas," the article reads. "What do they look like without mile-long lashes, contouring and professional blowouts? Check out their barefaced photos below, and read on to find out what makes them feel the most confident and beautiful."


Below each woman's naked selfie are tips from each about her beauty secrets. Thrilling!

Locken cannot live without tinted sunscreen.

"When I was a kid I laid on a black trampoline to sunbathe. Can you say first degree burn?" she tells the mag. "Now I am very cautious about sun damage and pigmentation."


Redmond shared a straight-face selfie with the mag.

"I was self-conscious about my smile because of one tooth but having a crooked tooth gives me character and a reason to always excuse myself to floss," she tells People.

Oh no!

D'Andra Simmons plugged her skincare line.

"Being makeup free means being comfortable in my own skin, and having a clean face that is glowing," she says. "I developed Hard Night Good Morning skincare to help women be beautiful naturally, and have skin that they don’t have to hide under makeup."

Good morning!

Cary Deuber, a registered nurse and first assistant at her husband's plastic surgery firm, says she's let go of her loose tummy fears. In her photo, her arms are over her tummy.

"I have been self-conscious about my tummy since I’ve had a child," she tells the magazine. "My skin is a little loose and it has made me crazy for years. This year, I decided to just let it go and be happy with it. Having a child is the best thing I’ve ever done and a little loose skin is not a big deal."

Not a big deal!

When Hollman wears makeup, she focuses on eye makeup. Because respect.

"I really try to play up my eyes," she says. "My mom always emphasized making eye contact when talking to others as a sign of respect so when I was learning how to do my makeup, the first thing I wanted to perfect was my eyes because if someone was going to look me in the eye, I want them to look good."


Westcott loves all things pink and sunscreen.

"I have found myself using more products with sunscreen," she says. "It is so incredibly important to make sure you are fully protected from the sun at all times."

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