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TikTokers Really Want Dallas To Learn How to Drive

Does this sight look familiar? Welcome to Dallas.
Does this sight look familiar? Welcome to Dallas. Getty Images
If you heard the 2021 hit Ed Sheeran song “Bad Habits” and immediately assumed it was about Dallas drivers, you’re not alone. TikTok users also think that Dallas drives like absolute horse shit, and they are offering plenty of advice on the site, not all of it sarcastic.

These day, driving around DFW often feels like a high-stakes, really 3D version of Gran Turismo: It seems impossible to get through any sketch of Dallas highway without someone aggressively cutting into your lane with no warning, without an accident clogging up traffic and without nearly running into random obstacles such as an old love seat just chilling in the middle of the lane.

Dallas drivers have become a trending topic on TikTok, and data is mostly on their side. A ranking of the top 10 U.S. cities with worst traffic, made by by Metro Mile using metrics from a 2021 Urban Mobility report, gave Dallas the no. 6 spot with the top honors going to New York.

One article from Nov. 2021 published by Yahoo claims that Dallas isn't even among the top 20 U.S. cities with the most accidents. Third on the list, however, is the suburb of Frisco, which means we can finally confirm those drivers going the wrong direction on a one-way street in downtown Dallas are actually from Frisco, as we suspected all along.

Now, Dallas roads are a different story during holidays, when they are as festive as a Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza. Between the years 2015 and 2019, Texas had the highest number of fatal holiday crashes in the U.S. And the number of annual traffic fatalities in Dallas has gone up by about 80% in the last decade.

In that time, Dallas has also expanded with 1.2 million new residents, so it’s no wonder our roads are  congested and a big death trap.

But as we learned from COVID, nothing will stop Dallasites from going out shopping and drinking.

A TikToker named @stewdabaker1 made an educational video called "Things you need to know about before driving through Dallas, Texas," where he says “a blinker is a sign of weakness. The North Dallas Toll [way] is also considered the Autobahn. If you plan on going 80, you better be in the slow lane."
@stewdabaker1 Dallas driving part 1#texas#fyp#dallas#texans ♬ 100% Texan - Kevin Fowler

A TikToker named Victor_9mm regularly posts videos titled “On today’s episode of driving in Dallas,” where he shows his everyday view behind the wheel as other drivers make wide turns into his lane, cut him off or generally act like assholes.
@victor_9mm I wish that we could lose this crowd! #ford #drivingindallas #DontSweatIt #petertingle ♬ careless whisper - soph

A TikToker named Jasm3m3 made a tutorial for Dallas drivers in which she explains how to read a car's speedometer and how to compare that number to the one on the road signs indicating the legal speed.

Likewise, an account called Dallas.traffic is dedicated to teaching Dallasites how to drive, with tips like where to find the best highway exits to avoid being stuck in traffic.

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@katieschreck97 seriously how were they allowed to get behind the wheel #dallas #dallastx #dallasdrivers #texas ♬ Thinking with My Dick (feat. Juicy J) - Kevin Gates
@hellfire.and.holy.water Tell me I’m wrong!! 🤣 #dallasdrivers #texashighways #nascardrivers ♬ Move Bitch - Disturbing Tha Peace
Of course, Dallas drivers are never at their worst as much as when one inch of ice upsets the natural order of its chaotic driving, and last month social media was flooded with videos from accidents resulting from drivers losing control during days of freezing temperatures. 
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