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Try to Handle the Awesomeness: DeviantARTist's Portal 2 Wheatley Puppet

Totally blown away. I mean, I can't even believe how incredibly detailed and accurate this puppet is.

Designed by DeviantARTist TRP-Chan, this creation successfully takes Portal 2's Wheatley, masterfully voiced by the amazing Stephen Merchant, off the screen and into the world. Good thing, then, he's just a puppet, I suppose -- [cue foreboding National soundtrack].

Joystiq said of the creation:

"We're not shy about this proclamation: This Portal 2 Wheatley puppet, by deviantART user TRP-Chan, is the best thing you'll see today. Not the best video game puppet, or best YouTube video you'll see today. We mean the best thing!"
And I have to agree. Despite this detailed timeline of the puppet's creation, I still can't really wrap my gourd around how many hours it must have taken to craft each moving part, set up the electronics, choose the audio tracks, paint and detail the exterior, only to then practice puppeteering actions to achieve spot-on Wheatley "expressions." According to its description, it's required most of the creator's spare time since April.

Massive applause for stellar results.

Or, as GLaDOS would say, "Oh good, my slow clap processor made it into this thing. So we have that."

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