What Was Gov. Abbott Thinking When He Tweeted About the Cowboys? Twitter Has Some Ideas.

Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher was the target of a little gubernatorial humor after a blocked point-after attempt against San Francisco on Sunday.
Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher was the target of a little gubernatorial humor after a blocked point-after attempt against San Francisco on Sunday. Richard Rodriguez / Getty Images
Gov. Greg Abbott's tweet during the Dallas Cowboys' heartbreaking, if predictable, playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday was presumably a joke. Not an especially bad one — he's said worse things online — but then social media has never been a particularly friendly place for hard-right conservatives' humor, even when they're trying to be funny.

Twitter lit the governor up.

The Cowboys game on Sunday ended with a 19–12 loss to the 49ers, and place kicker Brett Maher got a share of the blame when San Francisco blocked a weak extra-point attempt after the Cowboys' only touchdown. It didn't help that Maher had missed four extra-point tries the previous week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but that doesn't make him a valid scapegoat this week when there would've still been a six-point difference had he made the kick.

Still, the governor, who uses a wheelchair to get around, took to Twitter to aim a kick at Maher.   Usually, governors send out a message of support when one of their state's home teams wins or loses the big game. (In fairness to the governor, the Cowboys have been losing early playoff games for a long, long time. Since the 1880s, seems like. We're all tired of it.)

Regardless, the rest of the internet jumped on Twitter to tell Abbott his joke didn't even ping off one of the uprights. @TheGnudz explained that maybe it's because the only thing Abbott knows how to do with any care and efficiency is kick people.
Maybe Abbott tweeted it because he also knows more than the average human being about how it feels to kick the equivalent of an airball in football, according to a suggestion posted by @diorginyard.
Gary Allen decided to steer away from the governor's words and provide some helpful advice to the team instead. They sure could use the help right now.
Comedian Maz Jobrani has one possible theory about the reasoning behind Abbott's tweet and, frankly, it's not comforting even if it explains a lot.
Comedian Tim Fancher looked at Abbott's tweet from another angle. Maybe it had nothing to do with the point that Maher cost his team and more about where the ball landed after he kicked it.
Finally, Jeff Dee suggests that maybe Abbott's confusion has less to do with sports and more to do with geography.
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