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There Are 2 DFW Women on This Season of The Bachelor!

Can you spot the two DFW women?
Can you spot the two DFW women? ABC / Craig Sjodin

Peter the Pilot is this season's Bachelor and he's only the third white pilot to ever be the lead of the show (diversity!). And if this writer knows anything about pilots (she does, she used to work with them), then she knows Peter won't have any trouble juggling multiple women at once!

Two of the 30 women are from DFW, so please, let's meet them!

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Avonlea. Sounds like 'heavenly.'
ABC / Maarten de Boer

Name: Avonlea

Occupation: Cattle rancher

Location: Fort Worth

Avonlea greeted Peter the first night in a white dress that looked like a Sherri Hill wedding dress. She said her name and added, "Sounds just like heavenly." Not sure about that, especially grammatically, but OK! Guess Peter did not see bride when he saw Avonlea in her white dress because not only did Avonlea not get a rose, her exit interview wasn't even aired. Didn't know white women with blonde hair were allowed to get eliminated the first night of the show, but maybe this season will be different. Oh, well! Avonlea has cattle ranching and modeling to fall back on, because of course she's a model.

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She wore a windmill.
ABC / Maarten de Boer

Name: Deandra

Occupation: Home care coordinator

Location: Plano

Deandra gives us the first windmill joke of the night when she shows up with a windmill on her back! Like, it looks like she robbed the nearest mini golf course and put a windmill on her back and honestly, it does not look comfortable. But if you don't know, The Bachelor loooooves windmill jokes. Because Peter famously had sex with Bachelorette Hannah last season in a windmill! Four times! She told all of America that! Can you imagine?! This show is awful! So Deandra, being our hometown girl and making us proud, asks Peter if he's ready for round five! Ha-ha, this is so uncomfortable, does anyone have a Xanax?! Guess Peter liked the windmill because Deandra got a rose and even went on a group date, where she shared Peter with like nine other women. Peter looked right at home!

Are you watching this show? Are you rooting for Deandra to go all the way? Ha-ha, get it?
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