We've promised not to call him "Sexy hips."
We've promised not to call him "Sexy hips."
Sarah Passon

Video: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Show Our Clubs Editor Some Moves

Last weekend the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders saw hundreds of women high kick their way through the preliminary auditions for one of the most coveted titles in the cheerleading industry. Love 'em or hate 'em, it wasn't difficult to talk our clubs editor, Drew Blackburn, into spending an hour with the veteran cheerleaders and dozens of aspirational women. And no one was better suited for the task. At one point in the video a cheerleader is explaining the arduous audition process to him and he quips that it sounds more difficult than getting into Yale. It really does sound like a challenge. And though our boss has asked me not to call Drew, "Sexy hips" around the office, it is true that he is as the saying goes, "Often Imitated, Never equaled, Internationally Acclaimed." Well, maybe not the international part. At least not yet.

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