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Where to Find Classical Music Vinyl and CDs in Dallas

Amidst all the recent talk of a "vinyl resurgence" and the renewed admiration for physical media in music, one niche seems to miss its fair share of the attention. Countless reissues, think pieces and brick-and-mortar retail stores have sprung up in favor of re-emphasizing the importance of tangible music formats; still, the emphases remain on pop and rock, and even reggae, soul, hip-hop, dance, avant-garde and jazz fall into the reach of these campaigns. But what about classical music?

The genre occupies the bare minimum of realty in most record shops, and there aren't exactly many Record Store Day exclusive slots reserved for classical music, but even more than that there's an unspoken and widespread belief that classical just doesn't belong with the rest of music, that it's somehow less, or more important than other musics, that, basically, it's something "other," and so it deserves to be treated as such. Which, honestly, sucks for those of us who dine out on classical as regularly as other genres, because, really, these implicit opinions about classical music translate into explicit results in the market place, making classical record shopping a far more difficult proposition than it ought to be.

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Jonathan Patrick