You Should Be Puzzled By the Master Theorem

Welcome to another edition of Geek-Offs, where you'll find the perfect distractions to help you muddle your way through hump day each week.

The Master Theorem is more of a commitment than our usual distractions, but trust us, you want in on this. A members-only, not-so-secret society of puzzle solvers that went public a few months ago, The Master Theorem is the perfect place for brainiac puzzlers and smarty pants (which, of course, all you Mixmaster readers are) to strut their stuff.

How, pray tell, do you get to become a member of such a revered collective? Simple -- solve the current week's Theorem (this week's What I Do in My Basement... is especially nerderific) and you'll be invited to join The Master Theorem. Once a member, you'll start racking up points and seals by solving weekly, archived and hidden puzzles (new ones are launched every Thursday night at midnight EST), gaining you ranking on the Master List and the all important brainy bragging rights.

Jump right in if you think you've got the skills, otherwise there's a practice theorem where M, the founder of Master Theorem, tells you how the weekly theorems work and gives you hints and tips regarding his particular brand of puzzle making. A word of advice -- pay attention to everything, but don't let yourself get caught in the rabbit hole of over-analyzing (or Google researching).

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