Mariano's Hacienda | Northeast Dallas | Mexican, Tex-Mex | Restaurant

Mariano's Hacienda

If you’re a history buff, tequila drinker, Tex-Mex fanatic or any combination of the above, a visit to Mariano’s Hacienda is mandatory. Way back in 1971, owner Mariano Martinez (he’s the handsome mustachioed one sporting a sombrero up on the wall) made history by inventing the very first frozen margarita machine. Said history-making machine now resides at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., but the legendary libations are still going strong at his original restaurant in Lake Highlands. Man cannot survive on tequila alone, though, so Mariano’s also offers a wide-ranging menu of Tex-Mex classics like enchiladas, fajitas, nachos and tacos, plus a tasty roasted garlic salsa that’ll have you scarfing down at least three baskets of tortilla chips with it -- maybe not such a bad thing, given the amount of booze in those icy-cold margaritas.

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