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Miss Chi Vietnamese

6030 LUTHER Lanene
Dallas / Fort Worth, TX 75225
Miss Chi Vietnamese

Catherine Downes

While the rest of the noodle fanatics chase ramen around the country, you might think about settling in with a warm bowl of pho. It’s lighter, brighter and when it’s done well is one of best soups to be found. It’s also a lot cheaper. Miss Chi in the Preston Center is a good place to get to know this soup. The restaurant offers from-scratch Vietnamese cooking that doesn’t require a drive to the suburbs. Don’t miss the crunchy wontons filled with cream cheese and crab, the meaty egg rolls or the baby clams, which are served with shrimp crackers that crackle and pop. Choose any of these at the bar with a cold beer and the nachos at your favorite pub will start to look a little soggy.

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