Shawarma Press

Shawarma House's knack for perfection and in-house preparation helps it stand out in a crowded market. Their fusion Tex-Mex shawarma is terrific. The wrapping — which resembles a burrito-sized tortilla, crisp like it’s been gently fried — is sinfully good, and the sandwich filling has gentle spice. The seasoning on the chicken comes through, and the sauce, which tastes a lot like chipotle mayo, doesn’t try to overdo things. Adding salsas or hot peppers might have been a bridge too far; the creaminess of the dressing helps it substitute for tahini sauce. Their beef shawarma sandwich is simpler, but perfect: it’s a great wrap, the shrack pressed firmly into place, containing a bounty of tender beef, a flow of creamy tahini sauce, grilled onions, black pepper and parsley.