Hank Vaughn

The Playwright Irish Pub

An Irish Mule and a Blue Bonnet
Hank Vaughn
What to eat before one attends an event in the Arts District? Luckily, there are many options including this great Irish Pub. The Playwright is first and foremost an Irish pub so its libations are at the forefront and include many Irish beers on tap such as Guinness Stout, Guinness Blonde, Irishman Red, Harp, and Magners Cinder. They also offer seasonal cocktails such as the Blue Bonnet (Plantation Dark Rum, blueberry puree, honey, fresh lemon juice, Amaretto float), as well as classic house cocktails including an Irish Mule (Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey, peach puree, fresh lemon juice, ginger beer), both of which are quite refreshing. Starters include the pub staple that is the Scotch egg, as well as corned beef and cabbage eggrolls, cheese curds, mussels and duck wings. The ubiquitous pretzels, however, are very good and very hot and come with two dipping options: hard grain mustard and Guinness cheese sauce. An unexpected and happy surprise is that they come two to an order. Uncle Jack’s Shepherd’s Pie is prepared with lamb, beef, carrots and mashed potatoes served with house-made brown bread and a side salad. The meat is finely ground and the mashed potatoes that top it all are light and fluffy and just buttery enough. It was a decent-sized portion, and the side salad is a welcome addition to those pretending that shepherd’s pie is healthy food. The pub curry (pictured above) was chicken simmered in a coconut curry served with basmati rice and French fries.

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