Courtesy Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

With brick arches, ironwork and candlelit tables, the main dining room is as steakhouse as steakhouse gets. The patio with Texas Live Oaks offers a more casual setting. Diners can enjoy a glass from the wine menu split into "Old World" and "New World" sections as well as items from chef/owner Tony Street's extensive game menu, like Colorado elk chops with fresh wild blueberry cognac demi-glaze, or the signature buffalo filet mignon. Some of the selections come from the restaurant's 48,000-acre Hill Country ranch. The flattop griddle charring and subsequent searing in the house's secret finishing sauce traps in the meats' juices. As is true of any other contemporary steakhouse, Y.O. offers a variety of fresh seafood specials for those unwilling to bite into hand-cut, USDA Prime muscle tissue.

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