Our second night at SXSW was pretty crazy -- although pretty much nothing we saw compared to the greatness/madness that was Hodgy Beats and Left Brains of MellowHype from the Odd Future crew's show at the Brooklyn Vegan party yesterday afternoon.

For what it's worth, this crew isn't just on-stage talk: We ran into Hodgy Beats in particular multiple times throughout the afternoon, with him carrying his skateboard around the Brooklyn Vegan party and cursing out loud, wondering where his friends had gone.

In other words? This collective is totally for real.

Check out our 140-character take on their Thursday offering -- as well as those from Menomena, Wild Flag, Wu-Tang and others -- after the jump.

140-Character SXSW 2011 Show Reviews: Fergus & Geronimo, Memoryhouse, Obits, Menomena, MellowHype (Odd Future), Wild Flag, Trouble Andrew, Rocky Business, Trae The Truth, Fisbone and Wu-Tang Clan.

Fergus & Geronimo at Barbarella
Once Denton-based Motown punk act's new Zappa appreciation goes over live better than on record. Mostly 'cause the Zappa is way turned down.

Memoryhouse at Swan Dive
Buzzing female-fronted four-piece sounds great live, conjuring thoughts of a lazy afternoon spent lying out in a prairie, and totally baked.

Obits at Barbarella Patio
Semi-seminal indie rock vets (ex-members of Hot Snakes, Edsel) have a surf- and post-rock appeal with new act, proving older dudes can rock.

Menomena at Swan Dive
Long-time master songsmiths perform usual odd time signature material to a crowd happy to ignore the fact that the new stuff ain't so great.

MellowHype (Odd Future)
Joined on stage by Tyler, rest of Odd Future crew (minus Earl), Hodgy Beats and Left Brain more than live up to hype. New Wu-Tang? For sure.

Wild Flag at Austin Music Hall
Female supergroup showcases poppier material than some members' Sleater-Kinney pasts. Also: Carrie Brownstein is awesome at everything, huh?

Trouble Andrew at Austin Music Hall
Electronic beats and leather jackets do not a buzzing band make. But, seriously, these leather jackets look pretty damn awesome on us, yeah?

Rocky Business at Austin Music Hall
L.A. hip-hop outfit with live band has electronic elements in their party tracks. But it'd probably come off better on a floor than a stage.

Trae The Truth at Austin Music Hall
Current king of Houston rap comes off pretty much as street-savvy as possible -- if you can pick him out amongst his big onstage entourage.

Fishbone at Austin Music Hall
Wait. You're telling me it isn't 1991? Hmmm. So, how'd these guys score the coveted pre-Wu-Tang performance slot? Try not to think about it.

Wu-Tang Clan at Austin Music Hall
Seven of the surviving eight were booked. Five showed. Whoops? Many thanks to Erykah Badu, who arrived just in time with a set-saving cameo.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.