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2826 Arnetic Closes Doors Abruptly, Moves to Fort Worth

2826 Arnetic, the Deep Ellum venue with a name that stands for Absolutely Reluctant In Everything That Is Conforming, is reluctantly conforming to the law surrounding the Dallas Special Use Permits issued for local bars and clubs.

From a very long-winded Facebook status update, the club says, "We had to close our doors immediately or face fines up to $2,000 a day."

It's not the news fans of the jam-band and hip-hop heavy venue want to hear on April 20.

However, according to the same release, the venue will move to a "larger location" with "higher capacity" in downtown Fort Worth. When and where this move will take place is yet unknown as attempts to contact the venue have gone unanswered.

The closure was effective Wednesday night and all future shows have been canceled.

The entire press release follows.

With great enthusiasm we bring you the next step in our journey as what you all have come to know as 2826 Arnetic. We are moving to a new larger location in downtown Fort Worth. With this larger space and higher capacity we will be able to bring in more headliners as well as create an amazing platform for all the local DFW talent to thrive and grow with us. Some sad news though, because of the rules of the S.U.P. (Special Uses Permit) along with the fact we are not renewing our lease, we had to close our doors immediately or face fines up to $2000 a day. So know this is not goodbye, we plan on returning to Dallas in the near future and in full force. In the meantime please come visit us at our new location in Fort Worth once it opens and continue to support local music, not just in Dallas, but all over the metroplex. The only way we can grow the scene here in DFW is if we all work together and create a community that spans the the Metroplex. DFW has the talent, facilities, and the facilitators to achieve this, but we are just lacking the sense of community as a whole that comes with the current evolution of music and how its shared. We let the city divide us by districts and think our individual scenes don't exist beyond these borders. Tear down these imaginary walls and realize that music is meant to bring people together, not heard us into our prospective categories. All of us at 2826 Arnetic are looking to the modern movement of large music festivals and follow their example of meshing together all genres and types of people to create an environment for everyone to experience new music and simply have a good time. All this happens at these massive festivals with no major issues and more importantly no prejudice towards music they don't understand. We have all seen the power of music through the decades and once again it's ready to return to the forefront of our humanity. We all love music, so it's time we all take the step forward in supporting the growth of music together. Thank you all for being a part of helping us grow into what we are today, a business thriving enough to make a move like this and improve our business for you to further enjoy. Love to you all and see you all soon.........

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