35 Denton Adds 100 Bands, Including Charles Bradley and a Horde of Locals

Hope you took a late lunch, folks, because perusing this list is going to take a while. As is tradition with 35 Denton, the festival's organizers have rolled out the announcements for this year's event — set to take place in less than a month from March 11 to 13 — over the course of a few installments, and early this afternoon they made the third and final one. And boy, are there a lot of bands.

Leading the way of the 100 (yeah, you read that right) new artists announced today is the Screamin' Eagle himself, Charley Bradley. The Gainesville soul man hasn't played North Texas in two years, so his should be a welcome return as he joins Biz Markie and others as one of the main stage headliners for the weekend.

Most interesting in today's announcement — which, if you're short on time, you should probably absorb in video form, which will only take a few minutes (see below) — are the dozens and dozens of North Texas acts who were added. Son of Stan, In Memory of Man, Claire Morales, LEV, Nervous Curtains, Rat Rios, Kaela Sinclair, Abacaba and a boatload of others have all joined the ranks.
35 Denton 2016: Lineup Announcement 3

We're thrilled to announce that we've added more than 100 names to our lineup for 35 Denton 2016 - including main stage headliner, Charles Bradley And His Extraordinaires! In addition to Three Day and FastTrack passes, Single Day wristbands are now available via prekindle.com/35denton. Stay tuned for full schedule, day programming details, and VIP party recording session lineup info!Produced by: Shaina SheaffVideo by: Artlab3000 & Jon CollinsArt Direction: Artlab3000Art Department: Melanie Little Gomez, Des Smith, Ira Little, Sue Little, & Tiffany BaileyLighting Supervisor: Marcus Junius LawsPuppeteers: Sara Button, Lara Campbell, Brittney Coles, Dallas Guill, KJ Jones, Rick Maldonado, Alex Rydlinksy

Posted by 35 Denton on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Perhaps most interestingly is the appearance of Paul Slavens, who as recently as a couple weeks ago was an outspoken opponent of 35 Denton's association with SonicBids. Ever a supporter of all things Denton, it's nice to see Slavens on the lineup.

That's the last of 35 Denton's official festival lineup, but there are more announcements slated to happen in the coming weeks, including VIP recording session bands as well as programming schedules. In the meantime, tickets, which range from $25 for Friday-only passes up to $100 for weekend fast-track passes, are onsale now at 35denton.com.

The full list of bands added today:

Charles Bradley And His Extraordinaires (Gainesville, FL)
Reagan James (Burleson, TX)
Keytari (Denton, TX)
Jas Patrick (Nashville, TN)
KÜKEN (Weisenhof, Germany)
Son of Stan (Los Angeles, CA)
My Gold Mask (Chicago, IL)
Shaolin Death Squad (Denton, TX)
Alesia Lani (Austin, Arkansas)
Bashe (Denton, TX)
Bereah (Denton, TX)
Boat Drinks (Denver, CO)
Breeze L (Castro Valley, CA)
Brothers in Law (Pesaro, Italy)
Claire Morales (Denton, TX)
Cozy Hawks (Denton, TX)
Crown Larks (Chicago, IL)
Decora Poet (Newburgh, NY)
Dead Leaf Echo (New York, NY)
Dome Dwellers (Denton, TX)
Doug Funnie (Fort Worth, TX)
Mountain of Smoke (Dallas, TX)
Ebony Tusks (Lawrence, KS)
EMUFUCKA (Tokyo, Japan)
Felt & Fur (Denton, TX)
FEE LION (Chicago, IL)
Friday Mean (Denton, TX)
Gum (Oklahoma City, OK)
The Heavy Hands (Dallas, TX)
Helen Kelter Skelter (Oklahoma City, OK)
J. Finn (Denton, TX)
Jonas Martin (Dallas, TX)
Joy Again (Philadelphia, PA)
KALO (Oklahoma City, OK)
Killmama (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Kim Nall & The Fringe (Denton, TX)
Kinetica (Santiago, Chile)
Leoncarlo (Denton, TX)
LEV (Dallas, TX)
Löwin (Austin, TX)
Manantial de Fuego (Hesperia, CA)
Maximiliano Calvo (Rosario, Argentina)
Convoy & The Cattlemen (Arlington, TX)
Melissa Ratley (Flower Mound, TX)
Music Bear Tony Banks (Boston, MA)
Nazeem & Spencer Joles (Minneapolis, MN)
In Memory of Man (Austin, TX)
Nervous Curtains (Dallas, TX)
Nightmare Air (Los Angeles, CA)
North By North (Chicago, IL)
Northern National (Dallas, TX)
OK Sweetheart (Seattle, WA)
Prism Cloud (Dallas, TX)
Rat Rios (Dallas, TX)
Relick (Denton, TX)
Repel the Robot (Dallas, TX)
Richard Gilbert (Denton, TX)
Rodger Delany (Denton, TX)
Shivering Timbers (Akron, OH)
Shmu (Toronto, Ontario)
Siamese (Dallas, TX)
Cornhole (Denton, TX)
TESHA (New York, NY)
The Brevet (Irvine, CA)
The Daniel Green Show (Tel Aviv, Israel)
The Demigs (Denton, TX)
The Foreign Resort (Copenhagen, Denmark)
The Madisons (Austin, TX)
Vanessa Peters (Dallas, TX)
Thin Skin (Denton, TX)
TOMKAT (Denton, TX)
Ultra Violent Rays (Los Angeles, CA)
Vodeo (Ft. Worth, TX)
TEEN SLUT (Dallas, TX)
Seres (Dallas, TX)
Mountain Song (Denton, TX)
Crescendo (Los Angeles, CA)
Future Self (Denton, TX)
Marathons and Unicorns (Denton, TX)
William Austin Clay (Denton, TX)
Wild Bill (Denton, TX)
Wildcat Apollo (Austin, TX)
Paul Slavens (Denton, TX)
The Greenhour Residency (Denton, TX)
Swandiver (Denton, TX)
Alsace (Dallas, TX)
The Single Issues (Denton, TX)
Mountain Air (Denton, TX)
Warren Jackson Hearne (Denton, TX)
Dim Locator (Denton, TX)
Dove Hunter (Dallas, TX)
Abacaba (Denton, TX)
Hares on the Mountain (Denton, TX)
j k p k (Denver, CO)
Kaela Sinclair (Denton, TX)
Nite (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
wirewings (Denton, TX)
Love & The Zealous (Olney, TX)
Animal Spirit (Ft. Worth, TX)
GAR GAR (Uranus)
Skagg Phillips (Denton, TX)
Timothy Jarrod Smith & Hot Coffins (Grapevine, TX)
Stef Chura (Detroit, MI)
SuperSonic Lips (Dallas, TX)
The Raven Charter (Dallas, TX)
Cameron Matthew Ray (Dallas, TX)
V V O E S (Dallas, TX)
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