3OH!3 is a group you either love or loathe. Judging from the response the act has already gotten, though, most listeners land comfortably in the former category.

Stuffy literary types who blanch at the simplistic synth lines, rudimentary beats and admittedly crass lyrics are missing the point. As mindless as this music by white crunk creators Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman might seem, it takes mere seconds before you're gleefully shouting along to tracks like "Choke Chain" and "Holler Til You Pass Out" (holdovers from the outfit's self-titled debut).

On Want, 3OH!3 brings the party as usual but also effectively subverts any charges of one-dimensionality by including an anomalous ballad ("Still Around") and a trio of hook-laden electro sing-alongs ("Starstrukk," "Richman" and "Don't Trust Me").

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