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'80s Pop Star Tiffany at Vista Ridge Mall in Suburban Dallas: Review

Here's a question no one will probably ever ask you again: how early do you need to get to the mall in order to see a one-hit wonder from 27 years ago sing in the food court? It's currently 2:45, so I hope the answer is "45 minutes." Tiffany, if you're either an infant and or have never gotten your hair cut at a Great Clips, is famous primarily for three things: her 1987 cover of Tommy James and The Shondell's "I Think We're Alone Now," a 2002 nude spread in Playboy, and a documentary about a pair of strangely endearing stalkers.

Though her popularity faded faster than a pair of acid washed Girbaus, Tiffany's sort of kept at it on an E-list celebrity level by appearances in reality TV shows. I've never seen any of them, but it occurs to me that among the 200 or so people crowding the lower-level plaza in the heart of the Vista Ridge Mall, I'm probably in the minority.

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Steve Steward
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