A Folk Family Revival on Willie's Bus

Magnolia, Texas' Folk Family Revival are yet another example of a young band making their mark in the world of Red Dirt by leaning on a rootsier vibe than many of the current regional chart-toppers.The fact that a young band can produce a mature album like last year's Unfolding their first go 'round is an impressive feat, but that isn't to say the tunes take themselves too seriously. Unfolding incorporates traditional themes of spirituality, love and life on the road with a cohesive country sound that is as comfortable as it is unique.

The group -- singer Mason Lankford, brothers Barrett and Lincoln Lankford and Caleb Pace -- has known each other since they were all entering their teenage years, so perhaps the confidence in one another's ability isn't much of a shock. These days, the band is hitting prime stages throughout the state and opening shows for everyone from Little Big Town to Cody Canada and, as of last Friday at Billy Bob's, Willie Nelson.

With the boys swinging through McKinney Friday night for a show at Hank's Texas Grill, we thought it would be cool to touch base with Mason Lankford. Here, he gives us his "All-Time Top Five Things I Would've Done If I Had Made It Onto Willie Nelson's Bus After Our Show."

1. Do what everyone does when they meet up with Willie. You know, sign his guitar.

2. Look in his fridge to see what champions munch on. 

3. Ask if I could eat some of the food from his fridge because I would probably be freakishly hungry.

4. After all of this, I know that I would be in the loop, feeling friendly and a little brave. So I would ask politely, "Willie, I hear you've got the best. Do you mind sharing one of your best jokes with me?" He would, and we would laugh and laugh... and laugh some more.

5. Ask if he had an extra bed that I might occupy. I would then move in, live there, and be on a never-ending tour with the great Willie Nelson, traveling the world and playing music and writing songs.

Folk Family Revival performs with Bart Crow on Friday, January 13, at Hank's Texas Grill in McKinney.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.