Denton's Acid Carousel goes big instead of going home with an ambitious new rock opera double album Another Everything.
Denton's Acid Carousel goes big instead of going home with an ambitious new rock opera double album Another Everything.
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Acid Carousel Announce Cult-Themed Rock Opera, Release ‘Eyes Glow’ Video

Yesterday, the DFW music scene got just a little bit trippier.

Denton psych-rockers Acid Carousel shared the first two singles from their upcoming double album, Another Everything, Acts 1 & 2, the Rock Opera, the band’s third album.

The album is said to be influenced by the life of the occult, and it will feature performances from local artists such as Sudie, Ariel Hartley of Pearl Earl, Manifest Destiny's Child and Kevin Adkins of Upsetting.

The band's press release describes a twisted and murderous story line involving a "rogue cult," which pulls in the main character's girlfriend and, without his having realized it, several of his friends. But when he hatches a plan to take out the leader of the cult, he finds himself in the crosshairs of none other than his own significant other. "Who's the Collector? Oh, you didn't hear? He's the little voice inside your ear. Veneration is the ultimate form of penetration," reads one passage.

Tommy, eat your heart out.

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Fans can listen to the first singles, the album’s fourth and 17th tracks, "Eyes Glow" and "Existential Ritual," now on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp. Fans can also see the video for “Eyes Glow” now on YouTube.

“Eyes Glow” begins with singer John Kuzmick sounding a lot like Sgt. Pepper-era John Lennon with smooth sitar sounds to boot. The song, which includes the subtitle "See Their Eyes Glow," follows with separate voices from the band: Carol Gonzales and Sabrina Tionloc both of Manifest Destiny's Child, Ariel Hartley and Sudie Abernathy come together to tell the story of a woman who has joined this cult and how her eyes now glow.

The video, directed by Andrew Valentine, gives the audience their first glimpse of the album’s cult, with Kuzmick as the cult’s leader. Beginning with a phone call by concerned friends, we see the cult induct and ultimately crown its newest member, played by Devynn Mabel Montoya.

As harmonious and light, albeit unsettling, as the first single is, its B-side, “Existential Ritual,” hits much harder and darker. Clearly we are hearing two sides of the album’s story arc. With vocals from Ariel Hartley, the real trouble kicks in 42 seconds into the song when Hartley’s manic pixie dream girl vocals turn into a scream accompanied by a hammering guitar squall.

Dreamy Life Records will release the 21-track Another Everything on LP, CD, cassette and digitally on May 17.

Acid Carousel Announce Cult-Themed Rock Opera, Release ‘Eyes Glow’ VideoEXPAND
Dreamy Life Records

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