Spoon managed to bore us at Austin City Limits. (Merritt Martin)

ACL Day One: Top 5 Awesome Moments

Best moments of ACL Day One, in order of awesomeness:

5. Goddamn, the hot dogs are good. All burnt on the outside and juicy on the inside. 4. Beer ain't too expensive. Four bucks for a small. 3. The moment the Spoon (pictured) set ended--it was kinda boring. 2. Blonde Redhead. 1. When M.I.A., who seemed to be struggling with the heat, though she was still able to bust out her Jazzercise moves, ordered the crowd up on stage, demanding pot and that "everybody go fucking crazy." At which point, like, 100 people crowded the stage, and then she ordered everybody off.

Worst moments of ACL Day One, summed up in one to two phrases:

1. Uh, all the fucking fires! 2. Also, the toilets. -- Jonanna Widner


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