As this guy can tell you, by the third day, it's all about staying cool. (Dawn Jones-Garcia)

ACL Day Three: Prone to Hallucination

As the final hours of ACL tick away, we salute all those still standing. It's been a hot mess of a festival, and those in it for the long haul had to get creative if they wanted to keep cool and keep conscious. In extreme situations like this, when your mind goes, the results can be terrifying.

Some jockeyed for position downwind from one of these babies...

(Dawn Jones-Garcia)

...while others flaunted personal battery-operated plastic devices of their own.

(Dawn Jones-Garcia)

Way more convincing than the guys who usually come around asking for my empty cans.

But thank god, in a packed festival ground with tens of thousands of people, ACL had not one, but two water stations like this. Glad they got that covered.

(Dawn Jones-Garcia)

Some, in their heatstruck stupors, found that idol worship was the way to go.

(Dawn Jones-Garcia)

And please, let us close with a moment of silence for the ones that didn't make it.

(Dawn Jones-Garcia)

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