A.Dd+'s DiveHiFlyLo is Here: Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun Tell Us What it Sounds Like

This Saturday night, The Granada is hosting what will surely be one of the biggest nights of 2013 in Dallas rap. For the release of their highly anticipated new project, DiveHiFlyLo, hometown heroes A.Dd+ are bringing out -topic, Tunk, and Brain Gang to throw a drop party that is 100% Triple D. In a gesture of thankfulness to the city that has supported and nurtured their growth over the last five years, the Nawfside duo (consisting of Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy) will be giving away free early-release physical copies of DiveHiFlyLo on show night. Unless those copies are bootlegged afterwards, this will be your only chance to hear A.Dd+'s new project before its official digital release in February.

So there you have it, after months of speculation, we finally know when we get to grace our ears with the long awaited followup to 2011's When Pigs Fly. Now, the question that lingers, is what can we expect? Since former DC9 at Night editor Pete Freedman, called Pigs "a masterpiece" and "the best hip-hop album Dallas has ever released," a towering expectation has built in this city for what A.Dd+ could possibly have in store to top it.

"The listeners probably wouldn't have expected it to be as dark, due to the playfulness of When Pigs Fly," says Slim Gravy, alluding to a riskier, more personal project than their last.

The pressure to deliver another masterpiece, however, doesn't seem to be any cause for apprehension for the rappers. According to Paris Pershun, the high praise Pigs received was only the beginning of their story.

"I realize we have done a lot of things local artists haven't done. I see the accolades. But in my mind, I feel we still haven't officially made that mark on the Dallas scene, so that's what fueled me to write what I wrote and attack from the mind frame that I did. I want our city to be able to compete with the national artists that are on the rise... Thats what kept me going, wanting to be seen as a new light for Dallas music."

"Well we had been writing the project all year, receiving beats from producers, in and out the studio with producers," says Paris "So when it came time to record we breezed through it. And to be honest we encountered a few snags along the way, and had to re-record the entire project... that was truly done in 3 days."

Now that we'll be seeing a new a different side of the boys next door, one has to wonder if the "O" word will be thrown around as unreservedly as it has been over the last two years in comparison to Slim and Paris.

"I take that as a compliment," says Paris "Our approach may put people in an Outkast frame of mind, because we don't make the typical Dallas music but we infuse that [Dallas] sound in our music, ya know? Its our approach. Not to mention we are a two man group, so of course people will compare us to other two-man groups. But we are-our own entity and making a lane for ourselves. A.Dd+ Hoe!"

Tickets are still onsale at Granada Theater, but don't wait too long, as this show is expected to sell out on show night with admission prices this low.

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