After a Wednesday Night Altercation, 1919 Hemphill's Left With a Broken Window and a Few Bruises

There aren't a whole lot of venues like Fort Worth's 1919 Hemphill anymore: all ages, volunteer-run, existing on donations, bringing in great hardcore and punk bands, maintaining a library of zines. A true community venue built on support and common ground, one that encourages discourse. The motto, writ large on their website and the building itself: Unity through diversity. Which is why the events that took place last Wednesday night are especially disheartening.

Go ahead and read the whole post, in which 1919 booker and organizer Rick Vandeveerdonk recounts how he and a handful of friends ended up having trying to defend the South side venue, and themselves, from a group of trigger-happy teenagers. The extended encounter ended with a piece of concrete being thrown through Hemphill's front door. Things could have ended even worse: At one point, Vandeveerdonk stepped in front of a gun, and he's now nursing a swollen face, after being sucker-punched by one of the kids.

If you purchase Hemphill's latest comp, proceeds will be donated to helping them get a new window, and anything purchased at the Anvileater Records site from now until next Saturday, April 14, will go to help as well. Or, just go to one of their upcoming shows and contribute.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.