After Five Short Months, The Nightmare in Deep Ellum is Closing

The Nightmare (on Elm Street) in Deep Ellum wasn't open long enough for most people to get the joke.

Five months after opening, owner Victor Villalobos is shutting the short-lived venue's doors for the last time.

According to website of John Iskander, the promoter who operates The Nightmare's booking under the name Parade Of Flesh and had a heavy hand in opening the Deep Ellum venue, the club never had a chance to brand itself.

"The identity of the club was never established in its short time," writes Iskander, referencing the lack of website, logos, and advertising.

Its name is turning out to be the perfect description for the space on the corner of Crowdus and Elm, which has changed ownership and names more often than any Deep Ellum club in recent history.

The shows that are booked at The Nightmare will be moved to other area venues. Writes Iskander: "Parade of Flesh shows will be moved accordingly; heavier stuff to Phoenix Project, small shows to The Cavern and larger stuff to Club Dada and Sons of Hermann Hall; as well as a few mixed use spaces that I have planned this winter."

Iskander and Villalobos could not be reached for further comment.

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