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After Only Five Shows, Tiger Moth Is Rolling

Tiger Moth's Myspace picture: neither a tiger nor a moth. Go figure.

Glenn Jackson, drummer for local rockers Tiger Moth, cannot believe the positive buzz his band is already generating.

“We are only five shows old, but the most common response from the crowd has been, ‘Holy shit!’,” says Jackson.

Along with brother Derek, Glenn was a part of Until They Arrive, a rather somber unit that broke up late last year. But the brothers decided to form a new band and turn up the volume.

“We both wanted to do something a little more rock 'n' roll, so we disbanded and started searching for a new singer,” says Jackson.

That singer turned out to be one Cheyenne Schweitzer, a 27-year-old Bible college dropout. (“We came across Cheyenne through a Myspace ad,” explains Jackson.) Completing the quartet was Ross Boyd, a bassist formerly involved with Chacka, Breaker and Magnificent Butcher.

Tiger Moth’s debut EP, which does a great job representing the band’s sweaty and solid stage show, was issued this month (the band is already recording a new single) and its CD release show at Dada this past weekend was enthusiastically received. Influences as diverse as Prince, Radiohead and even Led Zeppelin are mixed and cajoled in just the right ways, creating a sound that is refreshingly innovative.

“This is the best band I’ve been in,” says Jackson. “We definitely push each other.” --Darryl Smyers

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