Air Review's new single drops tomorrow. It's only been six years, so no rush, guys.EXPAND
Air Review's new single drops tomorrow. It's only been six years, so no rush, guys.
courtesy Velvet Blue Records

After 6 Years, Air Review Is Back With a New Song and a New Album on the Way

It’s been a while since we last heard from Air Review. In 2013, it was hard for local music fans to avoid the indie-rock crew, thanks to its addictive single “America’s Son” receiving frequent airplay on KXT 91.7, in addition to their regular performance schedule. Another tune from Low Wishes, “Young,” was also given all sorts of rightfully deserved love from glossy publications and NPR.

Following a few months’ worth of social media postings with pictures of the band working in Argyle’s famed Echo Lab studio with master-producer Matt Pence, the wait for new Air Review is finally over. Tomorrow the band will debut “People Say Things Change,” the first single off its just announced forthcoming album, How We Got By (June 21, Velvet Blue Music).

It’s a gorgeous tune that’ll likely fit nicely into the sonic expectations of long-suffering admirers. Serene, moody and atmospheric, the keyboard works with the auto-tuned vocals of singer Douglas Hale in a supremely comforting way.

According to an updated band biography written by music journalist and author Erin Osman, each of the four band members “were subsumed with varying and acute personal tragedies” in the years since Low Wishes.

Speaking to some of the loss he felt, in a “mini-podcast” about the new songs which will be made public soon, keyboardist Richard Carpenter says the lyrics he wrote were inspired by the passing of his girlfriend’s mother and his attempts to comfort her. He calls the single “the central song on the album” and adds that it’s “about navigating loss, true friendship and how a great bass line can change everything.”

For now, the new single release and album announcement are all that’s certain for Air Review. A rep for the band says that a Dallas album release show will be announced soon, as will some other Texas dates, probably in July.

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