After Two Weeks In An Arizona Hospital, Lance Yocom Could Soon Be Coming Home

After having spent two weeks laid up in an Arizona hospital, heavily sedated and suffering from severe pneumonia, Lance Yocom's family received some incredibly positive news today regarding the Spune Productions owner and North Texas music scene mainstay's condition.

This morning, after doctors removed from Yocom the IV drip he's been dependent upon for the past couple of weeks, his vital signs have remained stable. He's still slightly medicated -- doctors gave him some Valium this morning -- but he's no longer under permanent sedation. And that's not the only good news.

Writes Yocom's wife Somer today in her latest CaringBridge journal entry update on Lance's condition:

"We have reason to rejoice today! ...The best thing? His EYES ARE OPENING!!! We know it will take a long time for him to wake up but he is handling the lack of sedation just fine. He's not moving anything but this is the first time I've seen his beautiful green eyes in over two weeks. What a blessing!"

Better yet, Somer adds, Lance could be coming home soon.

Writes Somer:

"There is still a tentative plan to transport him next Wednesday because of all the progress he has made in the last two days. We have decided Phoenix is not an option and we need to get him home. We are putting the transport plan in the Lord's hands and have found a rehab facility in Fort Worth that will help him recuperate and wean off the ventilator.

News on that front could be finalized as son as tomorrow. We'll keep you posted.

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