Akkolyte To Record Pieces Of Tonight's Double-Wide Gig

Akkolyte, Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez's grindcore duo (the two also perform with their father, Dennis, in experimental jazz project Yells At Eels), offers up a live show that's about as fun as grindcore can get (it helps that it's about as loud as any musical duo can get, too), and tonight's gig at the Double-Wide should only be more entertaining: The brothers are planning to record pieces of tonight's gig for potential release.

"We will be recording various improvs, a sing-along, and whatever madness we can coerce out of the audience," writes Aaron Gonzalez.

The sing-along, no doubt, will pair with the group's "Pharmacopocalypse" track, in which the brothers playfully sing in about a "massive celebration at the end of the world" in a schoolyard tone.

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Anyway, it should be a good time. If you've ever dreamed about showing up on a local grindcore act's recorded output, but you just don't have the musical chops to pull it off, well, your prayers have finally been answered, bub. --Pete Freedman

Bonus mp3:

Akkolyte -- "A Generation of Fuckfaces"

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