All Time Top Five: Little Black Dress' Favorite Beach Boys Songs

Local dream-pop outfit Little Black Dress has finally followed up on the promise that was displayed with their full-length debut, Snow in June, of a couple of years ago. They're doing so by offering up a pretty sweet-sounding, limited-edition vinyl single, no less.

The new, self-produced seven-inch single, "Don't Worry Baby," is a well-crafted record that proves the time Toby Pipes and Nolan Thies have spent running their studio, Bass Propulsion Laboratories, has paid off. It's unlikely that any offering with crisper production will be found among local releases this year. To top it off, the B-side of the single has an unreleased, original Little Black Dress tune, "Underoverpass," which is as engaging as even the expertly translated Beach Boys cut is.

Be sure to catch Little Black Dress at Dada this Saturday night as they perform with their Idol Records-buddies Calhoun to give the collection its proper coming-out party. And since the title track for the EP is a cover of a beloved Beach Boys tune, we figured that we'd go ahead and walk right on in the musical door they've opened and get Pipes' and Thies' All Time Top Five Favorite beach Boys Songs.

1. "God Only Knows:" It's only one of the best songs ever written

2. "Don't Worry Baby:" It's just a hit from the start.  Absolutely love the structure of these old mixes with the drums so far back.  Great guitar solo too.

3. "Let's Go Away For A While:" Fantastic instrumental.  It sounds like it was expensive.    4. "Hang on to Your Ego:" Brian Wilson definitely had some things figured out around Pet Sounds.  I guess you kind of have to when you're going head-to-head with the Beatles. 5. "Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulders):" Whoever is playing the ride cymbal on this has fantastic self control and taste.  It's very much what we're into.

Little Black Dress performs with Calhoun at Dada on Saturday, November 12.

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