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Amanda Newman Snags a Key to Club Dada

We just got word that local promoter, manager, blogger and all-around music gal Amanda Newman is officially the new co-owner of Club Dada. Newman joins David Seeberger and Bob Cummins at the helm of the venerable club, which has been around for 21 years.

Newman sponsored Thursday Night's Listening To... evenings at Dada as part of FineLineLive (along with Cindy Chaffin) and later on her own as part of the Bocatinta blog fare. "I'm excited and scared," she says. "When they [Seeberger and Cummins] asked me I said, 'Hell yeah! Where do I sign?"

Sign she did, and now she'll be handling the booking and promotion while keeping her day job. Newman is planning on bringing back the Thursday Night series and also the artist in residence program. The first artist in residence will be Chris Gonzales for the month of October.

The rest of the changes, Newman says, are "gonna be a slow build. I'm glad Dave and Paul are passionate about bring the diversity back. I want to get Dada back to a comfortable environment, where you can relax and see a show or go back on the patio and talk to your friends with the music in the background."

Newman sounded pretty excited when we spoke--she's always been jacked way up over music, especially of the local variety. She's endured some health problems of late, but after a surgery is feeling great, especially now as part-owner of her beloved club.

"Everybody knows how much I love Dada," she says. "It's crazy to me that the club I used to sneak into when I was 17--when Beard wasn't working--I now have the keys to." -- Jonanna Widner

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