American Airlines Center is One of the World's Top-Selling Concerts Venues So Far in 2015

Trade publications tell us things that are generally only interesting to people within the trade. Finding out how much the person who is directing one of the next 74 Kevin Hart movies or how much the current hyped-up indie movie got picked up for a distribution deal in Variety doesn't serve much of a purpose to civilians. But it helps industry figures be in the know in regards to the economic pulse within the business.

Pollster is a trade site and publication that serves concert promoters, booking agents, managers and venues with information regarding ticket sales, average fees and the like. What interesting information we can glean from this is how well Dallas venues are doing in comparison to others around the country and around the world. The American Airlines Center, by the way, is doing pretty dam well.

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According to Pollster, first quarter ticket sales (from January 1 through March 31) for the American Airlines Center reached 186,412. That makes AAC the eighth-highest-selling arena of 2015 in the world and the third-highest selling in the United States. Taking a look at the sales in the past, throughout all of 2014, the AAC was ranked 35th in worldwide sales with 397,859, and the highest ranked in all of Texas. In 2013, the arena was ranked 36th with 385,149 ticket sales, and was again the highest ranked in Texas.

Simple math would project that the American Airlines Center can nearly double their sales from last year. A great counterpoint, however, is that there have been a high number of big-name tours coming through Dallas in the early part of this year: Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel and a lot of what was easily going to take place in downtown Dallas will migrate over to Fair Park at the Gexa Energy Pavilion when the weather is right.

No Dallas club venues cracked the top 100 in regards to first quarter sales. The highest ranked club venue from 2014 was South Side Ballroom at No. 143, with 18,619 ticket sales. But, with the resurrection of the Bomb Factory, a spot in the top 100 in at least 2016 doesn't seem unlikely. In the meantime, maybe AAC can carry that "world-class city" banner -- certainly in terms of ticket sales, anyway.


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