Analog Rebellion and Yes Go Productions Make Lo-Fi Friends

This teaser for the upcoming documentary How To Be Lo-Fi With Friends appeared yesterday. It tracks the making of Analog Rebellion's upcoming album, Full Frontal, and is a collaborative effort between the band and Yes Go Productions, the same folks who put on El Sibil's semi-regular parties.

Yes Go director/producer Jason Whitbeck says they're still in the middle of shooting, but Analog Rebellion's main man Daniel Hunter "is currently running a campaign to raise money for the album and documentary since he isn't on a label. Anyone that donates $10 or more will have their name in the credits of the documentary and get a free digital copy of the album."

And speaking of El Sibil, their next party on January 28 is a doozy. Violinist Daniel Hart headlines, and will be joined by Darstar and Spook Easy. Mark it.


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