And Presenting: SXSW Bingo 2011, Interactive Version!

It's happening right now. South-by-Southwest 2011 started up in Austin. And, as we pointed out earlier, one does not simply walk into SXSW. There's a screaming sea of Twitter and Facebook updates, fast-posting Redditors and discarded Red Bull cans. What are we talking about? Oh, you already know. It's South-by-Southwest Interactive.

So, we have another game for you: SXSW Interactive Bingo. SXSWi, if you're unaware, is stacked with panels dedicated to the ever-changing nature of social media. SXSWi goers will overhear phrases like "content is still king," and "AOL is dead," and see self-righteous Foursquare mayors: we turned it into a game.

As we mentioned in our SXSW Bingo music edition, we want you to get into it: Print our SXSW bingo cards out (download all four cards in full size after the jump!), take them with you into Mordor SXSW, and keep an eye out for the various things we want you to spot. Bring your camera with you, snap a photo of one of our squares in the real world and then post it the comments. If it's what we're looking for, we'll put it in one of our slideshows recapping SXSW. Good luck.

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