...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead will Play Source Tags & Codes at Homegrown Fest

Homegrown Festival will hold its fifth installment on Saturday, May 10. They already announced a headlining set from The Toadies, and just now they've announced several of the bands that will be joining them. One of them is ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, playing their masterpiece Source Tags and Codes in its entirety.

The Austin band made its major label debut with Source Tags in 2002, back when people were still taking record reviews seriously. It got just a few pretty good ones, which is to say it reduced most of its listeners to puddles of superlative.

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Tickets for Homegrown are on sale now for $20 (plus $2 in fees). The headliners are a disparate pair in some ways: It is fitting that The Toadies' most famous song is about a state park west of Fort Worth. Theirs is a catalog meant for light beer and inner tubes. ....And You Will Know Us is a noisy, divisive band, prone to extended bridges of distortion. But they are both celebrating their artistic, guitar-driven peaks from decades past and also from Texas, which after all is the theme of this thing,

That right there probably already makes for the most impressive lineup in the young festival's history, but there's more. The fest also announced several more bands, most of them North Texans except where noted:

Homegrown Fest 5 Lineup The Toadies ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead Seryn Wild Moccasins (Houston) The Suffers (Houston) The Black and White Years (Austin) Goodnight Ned The Phuss

Homegrown has a partner charity -- this year it's The Family Place, which helps victims of family violence. You can donate when you buy tickets or on site at the Fest.

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