Arrest Made In Case of August Death at Afterlife As City Officials Serve Club Its Walking Papers

Robert breaks the news: An arrest has been made in connection with the August 13 death of 19-year-old Matthew Allen of Grandview.

Police have arrested 19-year-old Skylar Brandt on felony charges alleging that she supplied Allen the drugs he took and eventually overdosed on.

And that's just the start.

The city has also announced today that it is entirely shutting down the club where all this went down, partially due to their belief that the club and its managers were fully aware of the drug use situation going on at their 17-and-up, after-hours club.

Per the Dallas Police Department press release: "In another prong of the City's response to the August incident, DPD's Vice Unit took administrative action today to revoke the dance hall license of the business known as Afterlife, the after-hours dance club where Allen is believed to have purchased and ingested the fatal drugs, on evidence gathered during the investigation indicating that the club's management knowingly allowed drug use and sales on the premises."

Well, that's one way to fight the ecstasy use at EDM event problem.

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