As Opposed To Neon Indian News Today, How About Some Neon Indian Remix News?

It's only Monday afternoon and, oh my God, we haven't even posted about Neon Indian this week. Mostly because there's nothing new to tell? More than likely.

But, a-ha!, there's this all of a sudden: A couple of new Neon Indian remixes have popped up around the Internet of late--and not remixes where Neon Indian does the re-working like when Alan Palomo remixed the same Grizzly bear song twice.

Rather, these new ones--both of which are ripe for downloading--find the band getting its songs edited by others. Crazy, I know.

Anyway, last week, Stereogum posted a Summer Dregs' remix of Neon Indian's oh-so-delightful slow jam, "Mind, Drips," which is somehow made even more GorillaVsBearcore than before with this remix--an impressive feat no doubt. But I'm more feeling this one posted today by Pasta Primavera, where Afghan Raiders re-edit "Deadbeat Summer". Afghan Raiders' take gives the song a new 8-bit sheen, throws in a little drum and bass, and chops and screws the chorus for good measure.

So get to downloading, Palomosapiens.

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