Aural Ambush: Los Campesinos!

This week, two new interns joined the Aural Ambush squad and our $20 Discman was replaced with a borrowed iPod. A few weeks/months off and suddenly this is a high class operation? Well, actually, that's fitting: Only the best would do for the esteemed Knox Street patrons and joggers of the nearby Katy Trail, who kindly took a breather for a few minutes of "We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed" by Los Campesinos!, a seven-piece indie pop rock outfit from Wales.

(We'll have a Q&A with drummer Ollie Campesinos up later this week, too, so keep an eye out for that...)

Most agreed that the track was upbeat, '80s-sounding and British--all pretty spot on. And the song seemed to give our sidewalk critics renewed vigor to return to the trails or the nearby dry cleaners. After such a sweaty day, we promise to generously Lysol our headphones before the next Ambush--so don't worry if we happen upon you next time...

Jump with us to hear the track and see what this batch of listeners thought of it...

The Ambush...

...and the song itself...

Los Campesinos! perform with Titus Andronicus and I Love Math on Saturday, January 31, at Club Dada.

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