Aural Ambush: SMU Shows Some Love For Moon Taxi

This week we ventured north to the SMU campus to see how students felt about Moon Taxi, the rockin' quintet from Nashville.

All of the participants seemed to have musical preferences more associated with mainstream trends, i.e. pop, rock, and rap. Regardless, approximately 66-percent of our ambushees (all those named "Alex") really enjoyed the band's new track "Around The Sun." One stagnant rap fan (the unaccounted-for 33-some-odd-percent) could not be moved by the psychedelic rock fusion that is Moon Taxi.

However, if you were so moved, you are in luck. The boys of Moon Taxi were nice enough to let our DC9 readers download "Around The Sun" as a free MP3. If that's just not enough and you've found yourself whistling for a taxi--a Moon taxi--hail it and take it to The Loft tomorrow night to see them perform with Denton's own Andrew Tinker as the opening act. Make the jump for the MP3.

Moon Taxi - Around the Sun

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