Aural Ambush: What Made Milwaukee Famous' "Sultan"

This week we sent Observer intern Daniel Rodrigue out on the town to find out what real people think about What Made Milwaukee Famous' single "Sultan" ...and videotape their reactions. See what your fellow Dallasites made of the track, which Stereogum, Pitchfork and NPR all dig. (Oh, Pete, Daniel and I all like it, too.)

Wish you could have been on the video espousing your love/hate of the song? Well, you're in luck (sort of), because we're making Aural Ambush a weekly thing here on DC-9. Each Thursday we'll offer up a video of on-the-street (OK, it might be indoor) reviews of songs from bands about to hit Dallas area stages. -- Chelsea Ide

Austin-based What Made Milwaukee Famous will perform 8:30 p.m. Friday, May 9, at The Loft with The Whigs and The Dead Trees. $10.

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