Back to the Future's Tom Wilson is all grown up, but still calling people buttheads in his stand-up act. (Macdonald-Murray Management)

Back to the Future Comedy Gold in Addison

Not paying attention to our weekly Laughcast? Well, here's what you missed:

Tom Wilson and Dennis Regan Nov. 18, 2007 Addison Improv

Caught the last part of Dennis Regan (yes, brother to Brian), who featured. (That means they go up in the middle, for ye non-comedy folk.) Just as good, if not more so, than the brother who overshadows him. He's got a bit about anger management--suggesting to his wife that she might enroll in his "anger prevention" class--that rocks the crowd.

Tom Wilson rocks the Back to the Future thing like a pro. Simultaneously over it and completely proud. Opened with a four-minute guitar strumming bit. The punchline? Projectile objects spewing from his mouth. Maybe you had to be there. But if you weren't, you lose. Assuages the crowd's need to hear him say "Butthead!" by singing a BttF song straight off. Early on, some guy handed Wilson his shoe. Later on, I ran into this guy at a house party (uh, random?) and he was still justifying the weirdo move. Wilson ran with it and continued the shoe bit throughout. Wilson's got four kids, and his material on calling people with just one kid nothing more than folks with a "hobby" was killer. You're a butthead if you missed it. -- Andrea Grimes

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