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Before Heading to Electric Daisy This Weekend, Catch EDC 2010 Headliner Klever at Rio Room

So pumped for the Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend, you guys. Already got my outfit picked out and everything. Fur boots? Check. Glowsticks marinating in the freezer? Of course. I'm no amateur.

I mean, c'mon. Diplo? Paul Van Dyk? Skrillex? All in Fair Park of all places? And the City's cool with it? Yes, please. A million times yes. Can't wait, really.

And, hey, in some ways, I don't have to. Just a couple days ago, the bros over at Rio Room announced a pretty sweet gig taking place in their plush Uptown digs tonight. Manning the one's and two's in the DJ booth there tonight will be one DJ Klever, the world champion turntablist who just so happened to be one of the headliners at last year's inaugural Electric Daisy affair in Dallas.

Reserve your spot on the Rio Room list by emailing the dudes at the venue right here. We'll see you there -- after, of course, we leave our own awesome (and free!) party going on at the Jack Daniel's Saloon tonight with Soviet, Sealion and the world famous Gilley's mechanical bull.

Now: Who wants to carpool?

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