Listen to MOTORCADE's "Recover."
Listen to MOTORCADE's "Recover."
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Best New Music in Dallas

Six Shooter is a recurring feature in which we highlight six new releases by North Texas-based musicians.

Bryce Bangs — "Chasing That Gold"
Singer-songwriter Bryce Bangs is fresh off playing a sold-out show at the Granada Theater in which he heavily from his recently released self-titled album. With a stop-in-your-tracks voice and a blues-tinged backing band rollicking behind him, Bangs seems poised for a breakthrough. His songs, like the swampy "Chasing That Gold" and the sinewy "Belmont Tiff," echo Jack White-esque garage rock. He's also capable of wallowing in the blues with drink-induced ache, an act sharply achieved on "Oh Whiskey, Please." Plus, his name is perfect for music stardom. The Dallasite will likely perform locally again soon, so you'll have chances to check him out while the star is rising. 

Daniel Markham — Hyperspeed
Sometime Denton resident Daniel Markham's new album, Hyperspeed, came out in late May. Like his past work, it's full of melodic, mid-tempo gems that straddle the line between alt-country and power pop. "Velvet Elvis" isn't a cover of Kacey Musgraves but rather a self-flagellating look at the creation of songcraft. "I'm singing to a foggy mirror/I'm heckling myself," he sings with the weary voice of someone who's done this a time or two. On "I'll See You In Hell," he sardonically reckons with the frustrating aspects of life on the road as a traveling musician: "I'm leaving the bar/'Cause your band sucks." Filled with snappy songs that tend to clock in under three minutes, Markham's new release makes for a breezy yet immensely satisfying listen.

Danielle Grubb Venus and The Revival
Dallas-based performer Danielle Grubb creates an eclectic blend of pop tunes that flesh out soul, indie-rock and jazzy arrangements. Her Soundcloud page is full of her tunes, including a pair of recently released EPs, Venus and The Revival. Standout tracks include the striving empowerment anthem "Trees (I Don't Want You Back)," the chilled-out reflective "Red and Gold" and the uber-catchy dance groove track "Put Your Back Into It." Give her entertaining Twitter account, @GrubbMusic, a follow and keep track of her local live appearances.

Wesley Jensen — Something New
Something New is the second installment of four releases  Denton-based singer-songwriter Wesley Jensen has planned for 2018. Released in early June and recorded with his backing band, The Penny Arcade, the song collection bounces with an extended reach of a solid groove this time around. These tracks are well written, neatly composed and surprisingly even a bit dance oriented. As electronic elements twist and twirl their way through the arrangements, listeners will catch slight references to Revolver-era Beatles, nostalgic '80s film scores and bits of Radiohead-influenced technology paranoia. Keep your ears to the ground for the remaining two releases and look at his live schedule for future appearances around town.

Samantha Clemons — "Speed of Sound"
Dallas-based artist Samantha Clemons sings with pure emotion. Across a sturdily strummed acoustic guitar, Clemons' voice soars with sincerity and depth as she sings about joys and hardships both personal and universal. Her style rightfully draws comparisons to Lauryn Hill, but her intimate confessionals put her in a category all her own. Her latest EP, Burn, is a fine addition to her growing canon and has been getting some prime airplay on local radio.

Motorcade — "Recover"
A few months ago, we told you about the Dallas' band's brush with the big time. Motorcade's SXSW performance caught the eyes and ears of Sound Opinions radio co-host Greg Kot, who in turn raved extensively about it on his convention wrap-up show. Kot's enthusiasm for Motorcade hasn't dimmed — he named the band's self-titled album as one of the best of 2018 so far. The distinction wasn't just noted on the web either. Kot spent a couple of minutes on air during the best-of episode cheering on the band's songs and reminiscing about the live performances he witnessed in Austin. Kudos to the band members for a year to remember. 

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