Best Of Dallas 2011: Sound Off On the Categories For Readers' Picks

So, we're already there again. Even now, in these solar temperatures, we're gearing up for our big ol' issue: Best Of Dallas. If the Rapture goes on as predicted, we're looking at one of the last, great Best Of's ever. So, naturally, we want your feedback.

Maybe we're in a hurry because The End is totally near, but last year's mail-in ballots and counting votes via abacus probably ain't the best way to handle your music-related readers picks. After all, this is discussion worthy stuff (Best Local CD Release, Best Festival and whatnot).

While we obviously appreciate your votes in the past--this year, we want to hear more from you. After the jump, you'll find a sampling of the Readers Picks' categories from last year (more to come). We're asking you: which categories do you like? Which need to be thrown to the curb? Which categories are so irreplaceable, it'd be better to chisel them onto some sort of dual stone tablet?


Best Local CD Release

Best Festival

Best Blues Club

Best Honky-Tonk

Best Karaoke

Best Concert Venue

Best Local Actor

Best Jazz Club

Best Alternative Club

So, which to keep and let go? And what are we missing? Let us know what you think in the comments, and we'll be along soon with results and more.

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