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Best Of SXSW Saturday-Day: Owen Pallett, Rock Screams and Rumors

The final day--and night as Rocks Off discovered--of SXSW was a long one.

After perusing an absolutely epic line for Rachel Ray's Feedback Party at Stubb's (yeah, you read that right), we ventured over to Peckerheads to meet Dallas-friends Gorilla Groove.

While the lineup there doesn't really rank high on the ol' power rankings scale, there was some serious rock howl going on from Los Angeles' Sabrosa Purr. Pretty good way to start a long day that led us from 35 Conferette nostalgia to Owen Pallett covering Mariah Carey at the Stereogum party late Saturday night.

After the jump, check out our final Best Of's from Saturday's day parties at SXSW.

Oh, also, we're going to sleep now.

Best Howl - Sabrosa Purr
Sharp rock and roll from this LA band was made better by lead singer Will Love's impressive rock scream.

Best 35 Conferette Deja Vu - !!!
What a huge dance party. Back at 35 Conferette, !!! meandered into the crowd, shouting into microphones, and dancing up a storm. We stumbled upon it again at Barbarella. Sigh, Denton memories. 

Best Cover - Owen Pallett Playing Caribou's "Odessa"
Brooklyn Vegan had a solid lineup for the day (see the above Best Of), and Owen Pallet, formerly Final Fantasy was definitely a highlight. Before closing his set, he played a perfect, nearly better than the original version of "Odessa" by Caribou. Somewhere, Pitchfork's pants were going wild.

Best Stereotypical Austin Moment - The All Encompassing Peace Parade
A beer break at Lovejoy's (free Victory!) was jostled by a Peace Parade rolling through downtown and 6th street, which featured myriad peace posters. We'll miss ya, Austin.

Best Secret Show Rumors - Arcade Fire / Radiohead
It was all over Twitter, but narry a Thom Yorke was found. Nor an Arcade Fire. Nor Kanye West playing in any tiny, dive bars...s'far as we know.

Best Sweet, Sweet Feet Rest Moment - Chi'lantro Food Truck
Korean BBQ porn. Even though there were many, many great bands playing at the same time, deciding what to pick off this food truck's menu was one of the more impossible choices of the weekend. Kimchi fries? Tacos? The burrito was the smart way to go--a perfect balance of crunchy and spicy with seared tofu, lime butter, cilantro and onion. How do you like them apples, City of Ate?

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