BET Honors Dallas' Mr. Boomtown With A Video Director of the Year Nomination

There are, it seems, three roads to travel if you're a hip-hop artist in North Texas trying to make it big and looking to shoot a music video.

Got little-to-no budget? You hit up Kangbear. Got enough money to make something that looks good, but a little cheesy? Dr. Teeth is your man. Got serious money and an inside track toward getting your clip on BET? Ah: Then there's Mr. Boomtown and, well, no one else.

Boomtown's a Dallas-based director who splits his time both here and in Houston and is pretty much the go-to director for all Texas acts with budgets behind them--and even some not from Texas, as he showed while working with Gucci Mane earlier this year. There's a definite aesthetic at play in each of his clips, too--essentially just a high-gloss sheen of flashy colors. But there's little doubting the fact that they're visually pleasing entities (see above's Boomtown-directed "Summertime" from Trai'd).

So, little surprise here, then: Yesterday, when BET announced the nominees for its 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards, Boomtown left with a nomination for Video Director of the Year, somewhat surprisingly as the only North Texan earning a nomination. Regardless, the honor's well deserved.


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