4's Second Single">

Beyonce Releases Symbolyc One-Produced "Best Thing I Never Had" As 4's Second Single

Back in April, a big reveal from fast-rising Dallas-based producer and genuine good dude Symbolyc One: In the wake of blowing the eff up thanks to his production work on Kanye West's "Power," he had a couple more gigs lined up with Kanye and a few other artists you may have heard of -- y'know, also-rans like Jay-Z, Beyonce and 50 Cent.

And now we can see at least some one fruit from his labors: This morning, Beyonce released "Best Thing I Never Had" as the second single from her upcoming 4 release. The song, co-penned by Babyface and Beyonce and produced by Symbolyc One and his partner-in-production Caleb McCampbell, is a far cry from Bey's Diplo-swiping lead single, "Run The World (Girls)" with its mid-temp, borderline-ballad vibe, but, more important, it's a far cry from "Power" and very much showcases S1's production range.

Said S1 of collaboration with Beyonce back in April: ""Last year, my wife and I kind of spoke this into existence. We'd be sitting in the studio, listening to beats, and we'd say, 'Man, this is a Beyonce song.' And now they actually are!"

Stream the new single -- the song S1 always had in mind for Ms. Knowles -- after the jump.

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