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Big Sean, Roscoe Dash & Yung Nation | Dr Pepper Arena | July 20, 2013

"The best part of the show was when Big Sean was on the stage," one crowd member told me Saturday night. "The worst part of the show was when Big Sean wasn't on the stage."

Well, yeah, I guess that sums up the Big Sean, Roscoe Dash and Yung Nation concert Saturday night at the Dr Pepper Arena out in Frisco. Still, every one of the young performers brought something to the stage, including some free vodka drops.

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Duncanville natives B. Reed and Fooly Faime, aka Yung Nation, opened up the concert with an energy that revealed no sign that the group performed in L.A. on Thursday and Tulsa on Friday before killing it here on Saturday. While performing in California and Oklahoma was nice, they told me, "Texas is love, especially here in Dallas." Despite both being just 20, the duo, whose mixtape iYESS 2 is expected in October, controlled the stage like veterans.

At around 9:15, Roscoe Dash, rocking a Michael Jordan jersey, camo cargoes and a big diamond necklace, took the stage. Yung Nation out-shined him, but when Roscoe started playing his most popular songs, the crowd was definitely feeling it -- especially "No Hands," his hit with Waka Flocka Flame and Wale, which the crowd sang every line, word for word.

Soon after Roscoe finished his set, Big Sean, with his hometown Red Wings sweatshirt, backwards snap-back and, of course, a shiny gold watch and Jesus piece. The 25-year-old rapper, who's signed to Kanye West's GOOD Music, brought the place down. While performing "Burn," his song with Meek Mill, smoke shot up in front of Big Sean, adding to the already vibrant stage lighting.

Big Sean's set was made even more memorable by small things like his splashing vodka on the crowd and his introduction of his lion-mascot-suit-wearing friend Rico. The skinny, 5-foot-8 rapper had a huge stage presence.

At one point, Big Sean threw the mic stand up in the air. At another, he took off his jewelry and went and crowd-walked, to the wild delight of the screaming audience.

After spitting his verse from Chief Keef's "I Don't Like," B-I-G Sean Don clarified: "Texas and Dallas: that's that shit I do like!" He then promoted his upcoming (August 27) album, Hall of Fame, before going into "Clique."

Roscoe Dash joined Big Sean on stage toward the end, performing their single "Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay," among others. From start to finish, Big Sean left his heart on the stage, bringing the heat throughout the night.

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