Big Time Rush - Gexa Energy Pavilion - 7/14/12

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Big Time Rush, Cody Simpson and Rachel Crow Gexa Energy Pavilion Saturday, July 14

Being a parent takes a lot of patience, especially when it comes to your child's musical taste. Saturday night at Gexa Energy Pavilion, as the four guys in Big Time Rush danced and posed and sometimes even sang, I looked around at the other parents in the crowd and tried to imagine what they might be thinking.

To my surprise, there were older people in attendance who seemed to enjoy the show. Women in their teens, twenties and even thirties were just as enamored with the lightweight pop fare of Big Time Rush as were the wee folk.

My dear 12-year-old daughter screamed and nearly fainted simply at the sight of the boys in Big Time Rush walking on stage. The music was an afterthought. Sure, the tunes were sort of catchy and every teenager there knew every single word, but it was mostly about how cute the guys in Big Time Rush are and how well they danced and how often they pointed to the adoring young girls.

As I listened to song after song of enjoyable but utterly disposable pop, I thought about another band that started life as a creation of television producers: The Monkees. But I didn't hear anything from Big Time Rush (or the two opening acts) that was half as good as "Last Train to Clarksville" or "Pleasant Valley Sunday."

Anyhow, my daughter loved every note. She told me that I was the best dad in the world. I demonstrated patience.

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